Our Story

Inspired by Italy’s “La Dolce Vita” (“The Sweet Life”), Spritz Del Conte is an Aperitivo-style, ready-to-serve cocktail featuring a blend of bubbly white wine and aromatic herbs with notes of orange and bitters. Every sip will transport you to Italy, where time moves a little slower and aperitivos are a way of life. Friends meet over small plates and appetizers and toast with vibrant orange drinks called Spritzes.

Spritz Del Conte bottled this experience and is bringing Italy to you. Simply pour over ice and enjoy a Spritz anytime, anywhere. With two distinct styles, Classico and Non-Alcoholic, there’s a Spritz Del Conte for every occasion. Whether you’re enjoying snacks on a patio or celebrating over brunch, there’s never been a better time to “Twist. Pour. Spritz!”

Spritz del Conte ingredient animation